What is My Life Purpose?


Life Purpose? During your life you have probably come to some decisions as to the purpose of your life owing to the career, hobbies, interests you pursue. Yet, do you feel clear about this? 

This happened for me through researching the Kabalarian Philosophy. (kabal means ‘receive wisdom’)


The Philosophy is based on Numerology and has been used in some format since Ancient History, being developed by Alfred Parker until his death in 1964. It is a life analysis, enabling you to live a more fulfilled and happy life through balancing your name with your birth date.
Numerology also helps explain the meaning of your name, and whether this is a ‘balanced’ name for you. 
A first name analysis is complimentary. To get a multi-page analysis of your full name, nicknames, business signature and birth date, which determines your birth path or natural purpose in life, go to:
You will also receive career and compatibility suggestions. It’s invaluable!

 My purpose is explained as:

‘Your role is to teach others the principles that will lead to a better understanding of human mind and potential, health, happiness, and the attainment of success on all levels.’

If you decide to investigate this free report, we would love to hear about the meaning of your name, and your purpose – and how making any recommended changes has affected your life – from personal or business success to relationships. Have fun!


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