TRANSFORM: Live the Life You Really Want

Congratulations! Now it’s time for you to transform.

You’ve completed the previous step-by-step processes.

Time to integrate this wealth of knowledge and deeper understanding,

Reap Your Rewards and Transform

First, watch this video by Les Brown ..

Remember ‘You’ve Got What It Takes’ to Be Anything You want!

You have picked up many pointers moving through the step-by-step processes, by using the site resources. To enable Mind, Body, Spirit to work well together, we’ve included a unique combination of resources, aimed at encouraging all elements to thrive, so you may live to your best potential.

Now we wish to suggest some options for you to have more personal support to continue on the journey to Be the Person You’ve Dreamed of Being

Choose a path from our list that suits you right now ..

Ask Isabell (and Her Team)

  • Does online search give you all the help you need when you are looking for an answer?
  • Do you ask for advice from friends, family, counsellors?
  • Still don’t have the answer you need?

Then this option may work for you.

Complete the request on the ‘Ask Isabell’ page and hit ‘send’. We will get back to you with some insights, our own views. We will feature some of our requests on this page and a prize will be given to our ‘Pick of the Week’.


One-on-One Support from Your Team members

Here we provide a variety of specialists in their own field – from coaching, decision-making, mentoring to emotional balance with flower essences.

  1. Visit ‘Who’s On Your Team’ page
  2. Choose a Team Member who seems a good fit to help you with your situation
  3. Click on CLICK HERE for your FREE Intro. Session under the Team Member you choose.
  4. This takes you to a booking page on this site
  5. Look for the Complimentary Intro Sessions your Team Member offers
  6. Choose the complimentary intro session you want
  7. Select a date and time to suit your calendar
  8. You will be asked to complete contact details and to outline how we can help you. 
  9. You will receive a confirmation email
  10. Enjoy your session!

We look forward to providing you with just what you want to help you reach that ‘Dream Life’

transform with a Team Member
Isabell Parcelle
and the True Self Help Team