About Isabell ..

Isabell Parcelle (aka Bella) followed a dream in 1996. She was shown that, as a long-time energy coach, intuitive healer and consultant, serving many clients, there was work for her to do in the United States.

This was a heart-breaking time, as it meant leaving her beloved family, friends, home and native country of England, so was a very tough decision. Yet she arrived with 2 suitcases in Phoenix, Arizona in early 1997, knowing no-one, to follow that guidance.

 There followed many adventures as she learned about, and lived in, an RV, travelled the western states. Isabell had a successful coaching and consulting practice and also taught courses for the Bach International Education Program. She has been recognized by the media as an expert in the use of flower essences for emotional balancing, including stress and anxiety.

Her journey has brought her to a beautiful spot on Palomar Mountain in Southern California. Isabell is married to her Luiseno Native American husband, Robin, lives on the Reservation, has wonderful families in the US and UK with 3 adorable grandchildren.

View from Palomar Mountain, CA

Volunteer Work:
Isabell has enjoyed volunteer work:
The World of Work:
Isabell has enjoyed various careers ..
  • Teaching at secondary level
  • Training at CEO level
  • Management – leading teams and projects at Divisional, cross-divisional level.
with different types of companies …
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Government
  • Non-profit
  • Her own coaching and consulting businesses.
with the following qualifications …
  • B.Ed. majoring in Psychology, Food and Nutrition
  • Teaching Certificate 
  • Masters in Human Resource Management  

stress, emotionsRunning parallel to this, her interest in psychology, healing and self-healing has led Isabell to Certification in many alternative modalities, including becoming one of only 500 Universal Intelligence Mentors worldwide, and a long-time Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner.

stress, emotions

Her work with the Bach Flower Essences for emotional balancing, relieving stress and anxiety, since the 1980s and placement on the International Register of Bach Foundation Registered Practitioners has gained her ‘expert’ status with the media.

This background has enabled her to accumulate resources she has personally found helpful or insightful on her journey, and now wishes to share. 

Isabell Parcelle aka Isabel or Bella

PS  (See Free Name Birth Date Report at  kabalarians.com to understand the reason for a slight name change to a ‘balanced’ name!)