Decisions – How to Make Them Great!

Here’s Ellen’s take on the subject – love it!

Here’s Doctor Donna’s take on the subject .. wow!

Did you know you make 10,000 decisions every day, whether large or small, major or insignificant.

Here is a way to make the best informed decisions to make the most of your life.

  • We each have a thought or an idea, then we feel how that thought or idea feels to us.
  • We think about those feelings about the thoughts of the idea. How does it make you feel?
  • By feeling and thinking about those feelings of the thought or idea, you have a better concept of how to make a more informed decision..
In this decision making you will find the factors of point, which will explain the reasoning for your decision.
There is much to know about the schematics of making good decisions.
Come join in and learn for yourself why sometimes the decisions you made just did not turn out as you planned.
 Team Member Dr Donna helps you make better decisions
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