Doctor of Metaphysics

Team Member Dr Donna helps you make better decisionsLearn to apply an incredible Decision-Making Formula which helps you greatly improve your personal and professional life.

*Find out why you make the decisions you make and how to make even better decisions with the Decision-Making Formula.

*How to come to terms with your own reality by delving into why you have the thoughts and feelings you have.

*Learn to love yourself and forgive yourself.


Here’s what Others are Saying:

‘​I was in a tizzy about making a decision to work with someone new  for the first time.  I called Dr Donna ​and she listened to me calmly.  Summarized all I had said and helped calm me down from the squirrel basket of thoughts buzzing through my head. ​ It was a great space to help me see the light and the possibilities that were available to me.  I felt grounded  and relieved.  It was a very helpful session. I am grateful. Thanks Dr Donna.’

Francesca Siciliano, HHP, San Diego


I am so grateful and thankful for having the pleasure to have a session with Donna in hopes to heal and let go of a past resentment.

Donna’s insight and wisdom provided clarity to an episodic situation I had with my mother and was able to forgive and let it go for good.

Thank you so much for all your compassion, love and support/

Sandra Arias, Minister, Riverside, CA

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Dr Donna’s message to you:

Dr. Donna aims to help each individual help themselves with her information and insights.

She waited until her children were grown and went back to college, earning her Associates Degree in Sign Language the same year as her youngest son received his Associates in Aviation!

After being ‘downsized’ with 1600 of her co-workers, she decide to go back to school for her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Business Administration.

Still seeking, she decided to undertake her Doctorate in Metaphysics through the Institute of Higher Learning in Highland, CA and earned the degree in December 2015. This fulfilled a dream to make the most of the metaphysical experiences she had encountered throughout her life – insights, deja vu, ‘knowing’. 

Her colorful life, with many marriages, deaths, accidents, job and business experiences means Dr Donna has a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to call on to support her insights.

Working as a personal caregiver and end of life caregiver fine tuned those skills to include empathy for those searching for their answers and their own truth. 

Now, her desire is to help Humanity help itself one person at a time.

“Through my life’s training and many interests(traditional and non-traditional, I have been blessed with different ways to assist many.  There is no set way that fits each individual because of their own uniqueness. So the service I provide is designed to fit their personal needs or goals.”

  • Metaphysical Facilitator
  • Decision-Making Facilitator
  • Full-time listener so that individual may come to their own solution
  • Holding Loving Space for Humanity
  • Retired Emergency Medical Technician, EMT/A-Instructor
  • Retired Riverboat Owner/Pilot/deckhand
  • Retired Sign Language Interpreter
  • Retired Caregiver

team member Dr Donna decision making

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