The fundamental problem is simple — you can find a true energy master and healer, like Francesca, who can absolutely shift your energy, clean your aura, open your chakras or remove your blockages – which will also help you shift your business, but then what?

If you continue to live your life in the same way; with the same beliefs and patterns and choices … what will happen? Your energy will eventually revert back to its original state.

Real healing comes from the powerful combination of:

1. Actually feeling your feelings.

2. Taking significant but baby steps towards a better way of being.

It’s a lot easier to have someone else shift our energy for us, just like we all want the “magic pill” that makes us thinner, richer, happier, loved and accepted. We are our own best healers and I believe the most powerful healing happens when we change how we think and therefore, how we show up in our lives.

Unless you address the underlying dysfunction and dis-ease in the body, emotions and spirit, you will either be dependent upon your energy practitioner or, you will eventually end up where you started energetically.

At TRUE SELF HELP, we aim to help re-educate you, so that you clear the patterns and become more self-reliant.


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