Holistic Health Practitioner

Francesca Intuitive Healer

When you connect with Francesca, she will:

  • tune into your energy field

  • see any disruptions in that field

  • work with the energy to self-correct, using your body’s own innate wisdom.

Call her with a problem headache, or, when feeling ill after a business trip, so that she can tune in to those issues, see what is happening and help facilitate release of energy blockages and pain!

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Here’s What Clients are Saying:

Three months ago, I fell and broke my right wrist. I needed surgery to repair it with a rod and 4 pins.  I have been seeing Francesca for years, she has been doing massages on me regularly.  Ten weeks after surgery, it was time to go see her.      

My wrist was getting better but was feeling very swollen.  As she was doing the massage she came to my wrist wrist and said that it was feeling very hot and felt that the energy flow was restricted.  I told her it felt very swollen and over time, the Dr. said it would eventually get better.   At this point she did her ‘thing’  to release the energy so the circulation would flow better and heal faster. I don’t know exactly how she did it but later that day my wrist felt amazing.   It felt less swollen and the movement in my hand improved so much. 

Three weeks later I went back for another massage appointment and when she came to my wrist she stated again it felt a little warm.  Francesca did her ‘thing’ like the last time and later that day it felt so much better.  I could move my hand with much more ease.  The feeling of “swelling” were lessened.  Hopefully I won’t have another injury like that but if I do I won’t wait  10  weeks to see her, I’ll definitely be there much sooner.  Francesca really helped with the healing.

Mary B.     La Mesa, Ca

I have been suffering from flare up colitis on off for many years. I know when I am under stress or eat the wrong food, I will have flare ups. 2 Weeks ago, I contacted Francesca Siciliano we had conversation over the phone. She started her energy work on me for about 45 minutes.

I felt right away something different about my guts, as she continued to perform her energy work. I was feeling good by the time we were finished. Here I am, 2 weeks later, feeling so much better. Thank you Francesca for the passion you have to help people heal themselves through you energy that god gave you as a gift.

Blessings, Elizabeth M

Francesca is an amazing healer!   We did a distance healing over the phone and I told her about the pain I had been having in my right arm, neck and shoulder. Not only did she accurately know what the emotional reason behind this pain but it also started to disappear as she did her healing work. I have known Francesca for years and she is one of the most caring people I know. “

Sue  P  Carlsbad

When I returned to California from a trip to the East coast, I felt really unwell – heavy, sore throat (my voice was scratchy) unable to actually work.

I had forgotten how badly long flights affect me until I spoke with Francesca, who reminded me that I had felt equally unwell after a trip to England last year.
How fortunate I am to have Francesca to assist. Bringing through Clear Light Energy, she clears, cleans and intuits into every nook and cranny until the energy is rebalanced. All negative energy I had picked up was cleared and my voice change back to normal.
Within less than a half hour, I was returned to my real self, able to function properly – it felt so good!
If you are feeling out of balance, I would highly recommend Francesca as a clear channel of Pure Light Energy to help you regain you.
Isabell Parcell,


Francesca Siciliano, trained in massage, lymphatic drainage, intuitive healing, is an expert in her wellness fields:

Francesca left NY in 1989, looking to learn a great deal more about health, fitness and healing. After being a Fitness Program Director at a YMCA for several years she wanted to go more personal and deeper in helping people be healthy.

She enrolled in a 1,000 hour Holistic Health Practitioner program in California  and so the journey began, with the physical body being the focal point of healing through various techniques through touch.

Living in  San Diego, Francesca amassed a tremendous amount of CEU’s in a variety of non-mainstream healing modalities, such as Matrix Energetics, Universal Intelligence, Reconnective Healing.

Over the years, with practice, she developed a technique she now uses to help clients clear pain energy and move blocked energy. She finds it challenging and fascinating to see the different ways people hold issues locked up in their tissue and just how this energy got there.


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