INTUITIVE COACHING – Some Questions for You!

Intuitive coaching

  • Where  are  you  on  having  a  crystal  clear  vision  for  your  job or  business?
  • Where  are  you  on  having  a  plan  on  a  scale  of  zero  to  ten?  
  • Where  are  you  on  your skills?  Any  skills  that  you  think  you  might  need  to  upgrade?
  • Where  are  you  in  terms  of   ‘environment’?  Any areas at home, work or social life that are not in balance? Relationships with family and friends need attention?
  • How  about  mastering  your  psychology?  Are  there  any  areas  where  you  have   some  doubts  or  fears?”


“Leaders are the most influential and in-demand employees for every company.”
Evan Williams, CEO of Medium


intuitive coaching

Core skills that differentiate you ..

1. Build Strong Habits

Learn the habits of leaders and immediately apply them in the context of your current work.

2. Identify Key Obstacles

As you master new habits, your coach will help you identify the problem areas and guide you in overcoming them.

3. Develop New Patterns

After you have successfully resolved your most pressing issues, your coach will help you recognize patterns about the way you work that you cannot see yourself, and help you develop new patterns that set you up for success.



Meeting Facilitation

Meetings are notorious for being a waste of time. Get coached in techniques for facilitating different types of meetings to get the most out of everyone’s time and get the best ideas out on the table. Keep the meeting on task, prevent single individuals from dominating a group discussion, and brainstorm in ways that draw out ideas from everyone in the room. Debrief with your coach after a meeting on ways to improve.


To be effective, leaders have to master interpersonal relations. This involves communicating clearly, especially when navigating difficult topics, setting expectations, advocating for your ideas, skillfully resolving conflict, and ultimately building strong relationships. Your coach will prepare you and give you feedback on important 1-on-1 conversations with colleagues.


Highly effective people focus their time and energy on what’s most important. Your coach will help you discern what’s truly important versus what’s merely urgent. Know when to say no, or use delegation, so you can focus on your most important work.



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