Let’s have some fun! Do you prefer ‘movement’ to ‘exercise’?

Isabell loves yoga. She believes it’s so important to work on strengthening the core of the body, so has partnered with Jen, an expert Yoga teacher, as a great resource.

yoga - Jen Hoffman
Time to take a mini yoga break .. www.healthymoving.com brings you a wonderful way to keep moving your body
  1.  in the comfort of your own home
  2. Yoga on your terms
  3. in your space
  4. all the benefits of professional studio instruction
  5. fit regular yoga practice into your busy schedule
  6. quality yoga instruction – whenever and wherever you roll out your mat
  7. improve physical, mental and emotional wellness
  8. intentional living from the heart, mind, body and spirit
  9. no props? take a 2-minute mini yoga break anywhere, any time!
This program is built around a simple truth: By making small adjustments to how you move throughout your day, you can dramatically improve how you feel. (And when you feel better, your entire life is better!) 
There is something for every level of student with 4 types of classes which can be combined and customized to fit any schedule:

yoga - Jen Hoffman

You can check out the poses:

by type:
  • pose by pose practices – step-by-step instruction in a single pose
  • mini breaks – 2-minute focus
  • 3-pose shorts – based on your needs today
  • multi-class series – full length classes including relaxation

yoga - Jen Hoffman

by purpose:
  • orientation
  • movement vs exercise
  • healthy alignment
  • all day muscle strengthening
  • coaching and challenge program
  • workshop series
  • healthy knees course
  • healthy moving jump start course
  • healthy pelvic floor course
  • healthy core course
Have fun and feel well! Here is the link again to enjoy this great facility – click here and join Jen for a free live online class!
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