Relieve Stress and Anxiety

with Bach Flower Essences

Isabell ParcelleAs Part of Isabell’s ‘Reignite Your Business’ Package..

Bach Flower Essences play a vital role in supporting clients to become more effective with:

*Emotional balance
stress, emotions

Isabell was fortunate to train as a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner (BFRP) at the Bach Centre, Mount Vernon, England. This is where Dr Bach conducted all of his work – many of the raw materials to make the essences are from the garden – flowers, trees and shrubs.

stress, emotions

Bach International Register

 After successful holistic practice and teaching work in the UK, Isabell came over to the US in 1997. Here she worked with Nelson Bach USA  as one of only 3 educators lecturing on the International Education Program throughout the US, covering the Western regions. Listed as one of only a few practitioners in California on the International Register, Isabell teaches at events and offers private client sessions.

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