TEAM WORK! We’re so happy to offer you an introductory session of up to 30 minutes.

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Often, we think or feel that family, friends and community are on our team, behind us in our ventures, our personal growth, change of career, promotion.

However, sometimes, that can be far from the truth, because of emotions like jealousy, anger, particularly if you give less attention to those other people as you progress.

True Self Help is knowing when to ask for help! Use Your Team to support you.

We are fortunate to have a group of amazing people, each specialists in their own area:

  • to add to Your Team
  • to help you be the person you’ve dreamed of being,
  • to live the life you really want.

team member Isabell

Working with Isabell you will:

*have access to your Superconscious Mind, to ask questions

*be able to release blocks and limiting beliefs

*feel more emotionally balanced, using the frequency of  flower and gem essences

Team Member Dr Donna helps you make better decisions

Working with Dr Donna you will:

* Find out why you make the decisions you make and how to make even better decisions

*See how to come to terms with your own reality by delving into why you have the thoughts and feelings you have.

*Learn to love yourself and forgive yourself

Team Member Marla - MA in Coaching

Working with Marla you will:

*receive first class coaching in areas where you feel stuck

*have support you need to progress in all areas of your life

*expand your mind to do what it takes to live the life you really want