Think? I Wish I could Think Clearly!

Think more clearly with this self help tool. You can learn to do this technique yourself or work with a practitioner. It’s an energy ‘healing’ method called ‘dowsing’ or the system of ‘Mind Field Repatterning’. 
Whether you are  interested in holistic and energy work for yourself and your family, in a healing practice and want to expand your repertoire, this is simple to learn and effective at really getting to the core of issues quickly and releasing them completely.  
‘Introduced to this technique a number of years ago, it really changed my life – it enabled me to get in touch with my own inner resources to find answers, use a structured way of working to move through what sometimes felt like molasses, to get to the root of an issue and resolve it. It enabled me to hone my skills as an energy worker, to have a confidence in my abilities and the spiritual support that is always with me.’ (Isabell)
For anyone who truly desires to improve their lives and is open to new ideas,  David and Erina Cowan, authors of ‘Dowsing Beyond Duality’ teach two full weekend’s worth of valuable information and practical skills which will empower and enrich your life – giving you answers to questions you’ve always wished to ask .. really moving you beyond ‘stuck’ and into flow
Think about the value of this program for yourselves, your clients and loved ones. You can visit their website here.
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