Timeboxing –  Welcome to the ‘Stress-Free Zone’!

This is a simple, 3-Step system that helps reduce your stress by dramatically increasing your ability to get things done without losing your cool ..

Gary Huff of The Action Machine states the case for better time management through timeboxing..

‘There are two obstacles that are likely preventing you from really taking action right now:

  1. lack of clarity
  2. lack of motivation.

That’s it!

Here’s why clarity and motivation matter:

  • A confused mind always says no! If what you need to do each day isn’t clear and and understandable to you, your brain is going to create resistance to taking action (you experience a similar restrictive reaction when you’re blindfolded and asked to move – it’s a form of what is often called ‘fear of the unknown‘).
  • Without clear reasons WHY you need to take action, you often find yourself without the fuel and motivation for taking action!

Without clarity about what you need to do, and reasons for doing them, your mind easily wanders, and your heart lacks any kind of motivation for taking meaningful action. As a result, distractions and procrastination take over and your ability to produce significant results becomes a fraction of your potential.’

timeboxing time management

Of all the things you can improve in your life, your ability to take action is one of the most important – hands down!

Are you neglecting your dreams and letting everything else gobble up your limited time, energy, and resources? We are interested in seeing just how well timeboxing works and The Action Machine performs. Make time every day to take even a little action to move you closer to things you want in life!

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