Welcome to Universal Intelligence (UI) – where you get to access all the answers at the speed of THOUGHT.

Ui is the very intelligence surrounding us in Nature. It is in our DNA, it is the source of our intuition. When we tune into Ui for answers, we are tuning into a sublime intelligence, an all wise, all knowing intelligence. With Ui there is no hit and miss, no trial and error – just hitting the nail on the head every time. 

Isabell went through Self Mastery training, then worked with Daniel and Sonja Rechnitzer, originators of the UI system to become an Universal Intelligence Mentor in 2015.

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She has been blessed to use this system with  a variety of clients:

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Thank you again for the work. I really enjoyed it. I can’t wait until we can do some more work.

This last year I took my business public. I knew that what I do is what I should be doing but I felt that I was being pulled backwards. I always heard a negative voice from my past in the back of my head. I just ignored it and went on with my purpose. I worked with Isabell and found out that this feeling and voice was from someone in my past and that they were still attached to me. Isabell was able to remove the voice and fed it with love. After I worked with her I could feel this weight lifted from my back. I felt light and free. That same week I got one new sponsorship, am more confident in my business and have gotten several new clients. Thank you Isabell!
JULIE H. Horse trainer extraordinaire, CA


After an incredibly insightful session with Isabell, I am clear that I am a modern day medicine woman. I came to the call feeling very anxious, stuck in my head, and overwhelmed. In a short 30 minutes, I feel inspired, light, clear, motivated, open and optimistic. I feel confident proceeding because I received a short, practical, daily exercise to keep my positive momentum going. I highly recommend working with Isabell if you are really interested in making a change.
Barbara D, Intuitive Catalyst, CA

Isabell Parcelle is amazingly gifted as a Universal Intelligence Mentor.  She is in collaboration with the goodness and vastness of the Universe as her guide. 

My experience with her in a recent session was of such tremendous value that I gladly attest to her qualifications as an extraordinary healer.  Her style is matter-of-fact and easy, just a sit down on the couch with a cup of tea, in her very Brit way.  Her visions and descriptions are spot on, and can elaborate on multiple subjects and personalities.  She can see through many levels.  I look forward to more sessions with Isabell. 

Miriam J S – Fashion Designer, CA


Thank you so much again for the great session!

Isabell was able to cut the cords to someone who I felt was weighing me down, in the few days afterward I felt much lighter and freer. I asked Isabell about my health and she gave me some good advice to follow and gave me the first steps to achieve my goals. She also reminded me to stay in a positive mindset regarding my career while working on future endeavors.     Austine J – Shoe Designer, CA


Isabell tapped into universal consciousness to help me understand why my life has unfolded the way it has; how I agreed to this before this lifetime, and how to forgive all people involved. I received clarity and compassion for the players against whom I held resentment.
The message was that, because I truly loved these souls, I had agreed to be the messenger to teach them something they needed in this lifetime. It had been hurtful and challenging, leaving me in a stuck place. After gaining this clarity, and using the forgiveness prayers, I am releasing my ties to them, leaving us all free to move on, no longer karmically bound.         Deahn J – Organic Farming, CA.

My Miracle-Working Friend – It’s funny the things you don’t know about your friends. I’ve always known Isabell as a kind, gentle and spiritual person. So, I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when she offered to help me through a most stressful time.

I’d invested everything I had in a new business, and further funding was running so dangerously late, that I found myself concerned about not being able to provide for my family and home.  I lost 30 pounds, I was weak and only wanted to sleep. Isabell was so kind as to offer to do some energy work with me. Being a very logical person, I wasn’t sure what this entailed, but I knew I needed assistance and, because I trusted Isabell, I felt I had to strive to keep an open mind.

From the very first session I found the sessions to be a very warm and comforting experience. Isabell could take me to a place where all was calm, and over time I was functioning as I should. My logical mind has served me very well in my work, but the lesson from my experiences with Isabell is that I must be wise enough to appreciate the wonderful mysteries and talents of a person such as Isabell.   Robson S. – Inventor, CA

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All testimonials are real clients of Isabell Parcelle, who reported real results, based on many variables, that are not guaranteed for each individual. 

None of our Team members dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, or other Certified professional, either directly or indirectly. The intent is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for self help.